Instructions for Guests and Rules for Accommodation

     It is our aim to make your stay pleasant. That’s why it’s important that you be informed beforehand of the way our apartment is run.  

Apartmán Ingrid (apartment no.50) in AD Spiežovec is owned exclusively by Mgr. Ingrid Müllner. Based on the operator’s decision the scope or quality of provided services may be temporarily limited during certain periods. This may be due to technical, maintenance or staffing reasons. The operator reserves the right to change the booking dates upon agreement with the client and offer alternate dates.

Before arriving at the apartment please check that you have the contact information for the reception (00421 902 574 233) or the point of contact, preventing any misunderstanding and giving you all the important information related to your stay.


After arriving at the apartment you should check several little things:

1.  The intensity of heating, possibly adjusting it to your needs. Or in winter increasing the heat with the stove.  

2.  If necessary, increasing the intensity of the refrigerator or switching it on, if switched off.

3.  Parking your vehicle only in the parking space reserved for you. The operator is not liable for things you leave behind in the vehicle.

4.  At time of accommodation 50% of the amount for stay must be paid, if not otherwise agreed, should the client have paid 100% of the price for accommodation at the time of booking, the client shall immediately receive an invoice.

5.  If you plan on taking your pet with you, advance notification of the fact is necessary and payment of a fee of 5 eur/night, if the pet is over 15 kg. At the same time you are responsible for ensuring that your pet does not bother guests staying in other apartments. The client shall pay for any damage to furnishings caused by the pet. The operator shall determine how damage will be compensated. It is also forbidden to leave dogs in the apartment unattended.

6.  Arrival at the apartment is possible starting from 2.00 p.m. or as agreed beforehand.

We are environment-friendly and you too can help lower needless waste of energy. Together we can improve the environment. We are glad that you too are saving energy, water and heating. Thank you in advance for your responsible behavior.

- Please maintain order.

- Garbage is to be deposited in the area dedicated thereto – based on instructions of staff - the manager or point of contact.

- The apartment is a no smoking apartment.

- You can enjoy free Wifi internet service as the restaurant’s guest.

- You can watch TV with satellite connection during your stay without limit.

- You must not disturb the peace of night from 10.00 p.m. in the evening to 6.00 a.m. in the morning, meaning behaving in such a way so as not to disturb the other guests.

- In case of violation of this rule and after repeated warnings by the facility employee or other authorized employee of the apartment building or police, the operator has the right to cancel the booked accommodation on the next morning without compensation for paid advance.

- You cannot move furniture, make any modifications, any changes in electrical network or other installations in the apartment without approval from apartment management.

- The operator of the apartment is not liable for things brought into the premises reserved for accommodation by the persons staying there.

- For security reasons it si unacceptable to leave children younger than 12 years of age unattended in the apartment or other social premises of the apartment building. In case of an accident or other unexpected circumstances the person responsible for the child is the person the child was registered with.

- Complaints by guests and any suggestions for improvements in the apartment operation will be received by the point of contact, apartment owner Mgr. Ingrid Müllner, or tel. 00421 905 405 374.

- The fire regulations and medicine chest hang in an accessible location.

- You must comply with these regulation. Should you violate them we have the right to stop providing all services before the agreed period has passed.


- If you break or destroy something or if something stops working, please inform the point of contact or the person with whom you made reservations. We will arrange repairs before the arrival of a new guest.

- You must leave the apartment no later than 10 a.m. on the departure day or as agreed.

- Change the intensity of heating to 15 degrees or switch it off completely.

- If you have been using the stove, please extinguish the fire and close the doors.

- Empty the refrigerator and set it to level no. 0 and pull the plug out. Please leave the doors of the refrigerator and icebox open.

- Empty all the garbage cans (kitchen, bathroom).

- Take the plug out of all electrical appliances (TV, radio, kettle...).

- Switch off all the lights.

- Make sure all the windows are closed.

- Lock the door of the apartment, give the key to the point of contact and inform her of any defects you discovered during your stay.

At the same time, please write down your feelings and experiences regarding your stay in our guestbook on website . Please share your positive experience with your acquaintances and possible dissatisfaction with us.

We thank you and wish you a pleasant stay.